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We love cycling and we love bikes.

BikeBookings grew out of this love.

Perth couple Kristen and Natalie Britz established BikeBookings after a conversation with their friend, the owner of an independent bicycle shop.

This friend was explaining the challenges of running his shop in the time of eCommerce and aggressive pricing from international mail order companies.

He wanted to promote the advantages that a bike shop has over an online market (servicing and workshop repairs) but needed a designated tool to improve workshop operations and efficiency.

This conversation caused a spark to fire up in Kristen – he knew he had the ability to create an industry-specific product that would help his friend.

After fifteen months of intense development the Britz’s launched BikeBookings onto the Australian market.

Dedicated to creating a platform that would allow owners to streamline efficiency, boost productivity, monitor and report on all servicing and workshop repairs plus providing instant 2 way communication with their customers through their integrated SMS platform (including intuitive autoresponders), BikeBookings is taking the market by storm.