Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
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US$50 per month for unlimited bookings, users, customers and SMS’s.

We have support contact available via email request and can call you back to assist you with any problems you encounter.

No, we have made a unique short web URL for each shop eg. and this can be placed anywhere you want to promote your online booking option, Facebook, newsletters, Email signatures, webpages forums etc. We also have a web widget for those that have a developer handy to enable you to take bookings on your webpage without your customers leaving your page.

That is up to you, you can use you usual ways to communicate or you can use our Bulk SMS function built into our system to let all of your customers know via SMS.

Absolutely we use SSL certificates to protect your files and the info of your customers, and we NEVER store any banking information whatsoever.

Customers are able to book online 24/7 via your unique web page, via your shop mobile app or the Bikebookings mobile app, otherwise they can still call you or walk in for bookings.

No, Our customers are on a month to month plan, so you are free to leave whenever you want, Note that we do offer a 30 day free trial of the service for you to determine if you would like to sign up.

Although the system is very powerful we have designed the workshop interface to be very easy to use and training can be done with in 5 minutes.

This is a bit of code provided by us to enable you to show your booking options within you webpage without having your site visitors moving away from your content.

Yes it is really easy, just add your unique booking url to a button or post on Facebook and get bookings 24/7

No, BikeBookings runs on any desktop or even tablet that has an internet connection.

Yes, you are able to load as many device with your dashboard as you like as long as you have the user login and password details.

Absolutely, we have a  custom built SMS platform built into our system that integrates with your customer list and enable you to SMS your customers directly from the dashboard while you are working on the bike.

Yes, provide us with an excel or CSV file of your customer list, we will clean it up and upload it to your database for easy booking and communication.

SMS is Short Message Service and CRM is Customer Relationship Management, we have built an integrated SMS solution that enables the shop to main a good CRM status with your customers to keep them coming back for more bikes and services.

We estimate that for every online booking you receive you could save up to 15 minutes in administration time, which includes taking details, diary match and later communication about the status of the service, this could mean that for every 4 services your workshop do they are saving 60 minutes which means they could do 5 services in the time it used to take to do 4. Increased revenue for lower costs.

Not at all, we provide you with your own mobile friendly booking page that can be used top receive service bookings online.

Yes, you are able to log on anywhere in the world to manage your workshops availability or even text a customer or staff member

We are currently working on integrating with LightSpeed, Vend and Ascend.

Not at all, the system is designed to be able to work as a stand alone system and you will still get the benefits thereof.

We have built an intuitive CRM into the system that automatically queues a SMS to be sent as  follow up to teh customer at set dates to either follow up on a service or remind them that their bike hadn’t been serviced in quite a while.